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Unmasked Man Facilitator Training - Starts 16th October 2023. P Plan deposit


Starting 16th October 2023


Payment Plan

12 Monthly Payments of £400

Totalling £4,800

*Please note all payment plan deposits are non refundable.


An 8-month, multi-layered training to support any man on his journey towards becoming a men’s work facilitator. This course will include a 5-day in-person retreat, 8-week online integration container followed by a 6-month online business mastermind accountability group and a 2 day in-person graduation ceremony.


There is a men’s mental health crisis, 78% of suicides in the U.K. are by men. Old conditioned beliefs that men can’t cry, feel or show their emotion has contributed to many men feeling depressed and lost in the world. Burying their emotions deep down and turning their pain on themselves has led to alcohol addiction, drugs and self abuse. Men are walking time bombs lost in an uninitiated world that is not supporting them. A lack of fathers and healthy elder energy has contributed to this crisis. Henry Thoreau’s quote “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation” points to an unsettling truth in today's world. By becoming a men’s work facilitator there is the opportunity to support men in turning their life around and finding true connection and healing. There are numerous ways this can be done, for example by holding online or in-person circles in your community, workshops at festivals and residential or day retreats.

Unmasked Man Facilitator Training - Starts 16th October 2023. P Plan deposit