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My Journey

"I was lost in a series of patterns unable to see my full potential".

"I had become disconnected from what really mattered in life. To be authentic, honest and vulnerable". 
"I knew at this point change had to happen! Enough was enough!"


Alexander is a Men's Transformational Coach, NCS Level 3 qualified counsellor, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher and founder of the ‘Unmasked Man’ - set up to encourage sharing, brotherhood and create a voice for men's mental health.


He is deeply passionate and dedicated to guiding men to step into their power and fulfil their potential. Leading through embodiment, Alexander has overcome many struggles on his journey, enabling him to hold space from an empathetic and relatable place. He believes that through true authenticity and vulnerability we can drop into a better relationship with ourselves and our bodies, creating a  compassionate and grounded approach to self healing and growth.


He has facilitated all over the world, including Thailand, India and Europe, as well as offering online private and group sessions.


Alexander teaches online and in person men's trainings, along with hosting men's events and retreats each year locally in the UK and abroad.

Hi Men.


My name is Alexander and it is a real pleasure to meet you.


I arrived on this path because of emotional, mental and physical pain and suffering.

This pain started as a wound but over time became my greatest teacher and most grateful gift. 

In 2015 I was taken to Mount Sanai Hospital in New York with a hemorrhagic stroke. 

I was 27 years old. As I sat there looking up from the hospital bed I could not believe what was happening. My life literally spinning before my eyes......"How could this be?.....I was so young!"


Over excess of work and imbalance in my system had caused me to reach this place.

I had chased the patriarchal dream....I had money, a beautiful partner and a successful career. 

Yet deep down inside I had been dying for a long time.

I had become severely depressed and my mental state was extremely unwell. 

I knew that something in my life had to change....


My Journey sent me around the world seeking teachers, truths, gifts and knowledge.

Slowly I found Yoga, Meditation, Plant medicine's, human connection and love and abundance started to grow in my heart again. I began to live a life based on truth, authenticity and vulnerability 

and no longer chose to live a life of fear or repression.

As I began to find trust in myself and others, my heart began to open and I was blessed to connect with many wonderful souls all around the world and to start sharing my gifts.

I realised through my own journey and healing I could give back to others and

help guide them also on their path.


Since those days and through my own journey I have learnt many tools to try and understand how we can bring a more balanced equilibrium to our monkey mind, this body and of-course our soul.

It has been a long road and one that I will continue on for the rest of my life.

But I would like to think through my own struggles, pain, suffering and investigation, 

I have become fully equipped to offer the help to others that has truly worked for me.

Please don't hesitate to reach out personally if you need some support.


I hope our paths will cross soon.


Much Love brother.



Contact me here.

My Offerings

My Offerings

LVL 1 - Boy to king retreat - the unmasked man.png

Brothers, the energy of the King lies within us all.


It is vibrant, powerful and fully connected to life. The healthy integrated archetype of the King allows us to move with the flow of life, guided by a purpose that nourishes the deepest parts of ourselves. This retreat has been intricately designed to facilitate the reclaiming of the King energy, so that you as a man in this challenging world can create the life that you want; the life that you deserve. 

LVL 2 - The Unmasked Man.png

Brothers, welcome to The Path of the King retreat.


This is a four day journey to understand the deeper parts of your own masculine psyche and delve further into the work. On this next step of the journey from the Unmasked Man we will explore the importance of maintaining kingship and living a life that fully nourishes us and the people around us.

The Unmasked Man - Leadership Program.png

Are you ready to claim your power?

Do you feel stuck? Not living to your full potential?

In this 3 month personal journey I will guide you to take ownership of your life again and rise up to reclaim your sovereignty and share your gifts with other men!


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